Action Alert: Act Today to Ensure Paratransit is Affordable

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Act today to ensure people with disabilities can afford to take public transportation!

Now that the State has decided to allow transportation network companies to operate statewide without any mandate for accessibility, they must at minimum ensure that people with disabilities can still afford to take public transportation! Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), counties can charge people with disabilities twice the fare of the fixed route bus to take paratransit. Paratransit enables those with the most significant disabilities to get to work, appointments, and generally participate in community life. However, fares in some counties are charging as much as $10 for a round trip, making it too expensive to leave the house!

ACTION: Urge your Assembly member and State Senator to co-sponsor A.3980 (Sepulveda) and S.2382 (Alcantara), which would cap fares for paratransit at levels no higher than the base fares for transportation of non-disabled adults using the public transit system.

Take Action!