Straw Ban Followup ... Action Needed

As previously discussed, the City of Plattsburgh is studying the possibility of a ban on disposable plastic straws. This is part of a growing nationwide trend ... a popular, seemingly simple way to respond the serious problem of mass plastic waste, particularly in the world's oceans.

The problem is that many people with disabilities rely on plastic straws to be able to drink, at home and in restaurants in the community. The North Country disability community needs to speak up now, and make sure that whatever ordinance is passed does not unduly burden disabled people, either by making access to straws more difficult and expensive, or by socially stigmatizing their use.

Click below to read more about what banning plastic straws means for people with disabilities:

The Problem With Banning Plastic Straws

City councilors have said they will take the needs of people with disabilities into account, and they are currently gathering feedback on the idea through an online survey. Please take a few minutes to fill out the City's survey on banning plastic straws. Click here to take the survey, it will close on September 30.