Action Alert: Act Now to Save CDPA

Action Alert in bold white letters on a dark red background

The following Action Alert comes from the New York Association on Independent Living:

We all know by now that The Governor’s proposed budget makes drastic changes to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) program that will put the whole program at risk! Thankfully, the legislature heard you, and they both rejected the Governor’s proposal in their one-house budget responses. This is huge, as it brings us closer to keeping the Governor’s incredibly harmful proposal out of the final budget!

The Budget Conference Health Subcommittee is now meeting. They will be making tough decisions over the next week or two about what they can afford to support. Anything can happen over the next week or two, so it is essential that the members of this committee hear from you!


Contact the members of the Senate and Assembly Health Subcommittee! Thank them for their support in their budget response, and urge them to stay strong throughout final budget negotiations in their support to save CDPA!

Assembly Health Subcommittee:

* Assembly Member Gottfried 518-455-4941 or email
* Assembly Member Cahill 518-455-4436 or
* Assembly Member Bronson 518-455-4527 or
* Assembly Member Davila 518-455-5537 or
* Assembly Member Fernandez 518-455-5844 or
* Assembly Member Barnwell 518-455-4755 or
* Assembly Member Raia 518-455-5952 or
* Assembly Member Byrne 518-455-5783 or

Senate Health Subcommittee

* Senator Rivera 518-455-3395 or
* Senator Salazar 518-455-2177 or
* Senator Carlucci 518-455-2991 or
* Senator Montgomery 518-455-3451 or
* Senator Thomas 518-455-3260 or
* Senator Gallivan 518-455-3471 or
* Senator Jacobs 518-455-3240 or

You can also contact our North Country Legislators and ask them to support the Senate and Assembly provisions on Consumer Directed Personal Assistance, (CDPA)

* Assembly Member Billy Jones 518-562-1986 or
* Senator Betty Little 518 561-2430 or